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CJ Tifft, also known by his stage names Big Brody and Brody 12Blok, is a dynamic 29-year-old artist hailing from the westside of Syracuse, NY. His multifaceted career spans over half his life, encompassing roles as a battle rapper, songwriter, recording artist, graphic designer, and recording engineer. Tifft's journey into music began at the tender age of 11, when he started honing his skills in battle rap and songwriting. By 14, he was recording his own music, and by 16, he had expanded his artistic repertoire to include graphic design. His technical prowess grew further when he became a recording engineer at 23, showcasing his dedication to mastering various aspects of the music industry. One of Tifft's early milestones was claiming the title of Horrorcore Champion on the battle rap site Iron Mic at just 15 years old. This achievement significantly influenced his lyrical style, characterized by intricate wordplay and multi-syllable rhymes. His expertise isn't limited to music alone; Tifft is also known for his striking mixtape cover designs, making him a versatile and influential figure in Syracuse's local music scene. Despite his undeniable talent, Tifft, like many artists in the underground hip-hop and rap scene, often finds his contributions overlooked. His journey is a testament to resilience and determination. From his high school years through battling a crippling drug addiction while his father served time in federal prison, Tifft has faced numerous challenges. His pursuit of recovery and commitment to his craft never wavered, even as he worked in a studio helping other artists achieve their dreams. Tifft's resolve was further tested on Thanksgiving Day in 2023, when he survived a near-fatal attack that left him with two stab wounds to the stomach and his throat slit twice. The life-saving surgery that followed marked a pivotal moment in his life, reigniting his passion for music and art. Today, CJ Tifft is once again on the rise. As a recording artist, graphic designer, and podcast host, he is dedicated to cementing his legacy in the underground music scene. His story of perseverance and talent serves as an inspiration, and he remains a formidable force, unyielding in his pursuit of greatness in the rap and hip-hop genres.